Good Evening Everyone!

I trust that all of you guys are having a wonderful evening, and I hope that the upcoming weekend will be very good as well. I have been busy writing my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time”. Note that I have been debating about which title I may use. One title that I have been mulling over is “A Moment in Time.” It depends upon how the story goes. They are both good titles, and just had a thought that I could use the titles for two different books! Thanks guys for helping me out on that! He he!

I have also been working on the how to book. The book is about how to write a novel length story using the plot points in an three act structure. Like most new writers I have struggled to find my writing style. I sometimes feel I need a roadmap, so that I not only know where I have been, but I also know where I’m going. At least U have some idea of where I’m going. I also work on this project when I’m tapped for ideas on the sci-fi novel and the other way around.

I haven’t been writing much in the way of poetry or children’s stories, but that will change soon enough. I would like to have handy a list of children’s stories ready to submit when the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories starts next May. As I have said before this is a great way for an unpublished author to get his or her career started in writing. I enjoy participating in the contest and look forward to submitting stories there again. Well I have to go again. So until next time…Illiam out!


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