Hello fellow writers!

I hope that things are going well with you guys out there. It is now 5 more days until Christmas and I hope that you guys have most of your shopping done, and if not, then good luck to ya! I hope that all the parties you go to will be good and safe. Also make sure you drive safe. A lot of drunks out there and I would hate to lose any of you, especially at this time of year. Listening to the Madonna version of “Santa Baby” on Sunny 107.9. That’s the local station that is playing all Christmas music. It’s pretty good!

I’m on chapter 7 of my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I have had a good run of it during the past week or two, with ideas flowing out at a regular rate. So now I’m dreaming up other things that I could get my characters into more trouble. But that is the kind of author I am! If my characters are not in some kind of problem, then it would not be much of a story!

Speaking of stories I’m starting to write a list of children’s stories so that they will be ready to submit to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. That contest should start around a May timeframe next year. I look forward to that. And I better get off my horse and start researching the Writersmarket.com so I can start submitting my work elsewhere. So I had better get cracking Happy Holidays everyone! And so until next time…William out!


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