Merry Christmas Everyone!

Peace, love and joy to all my writer friends out there. May your holiday be a wonderful one. As for me I will be working the holiday, but no worries, my family and I already had our gift exchange. That was a real special time for sure! Listening to some Christmas music on Sunny 107.9. A very good South Florida station. And as I listen to the music, my thoughts once again go out those who have done the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to have the freedom to celebrate the Lord’s birthday. And to those who are serving our country in far away lands, may the same good Lord bless and keep watch over you and your families.

Here’s a little poem I thought up for the occasion.

Twas the night before Christmas,
Tom and Susie,
we’re asleep in their in bed.
Visions of toys and dolls,
danced in their heads.
Mom and Dad,
were up all night,
making things just right.
And to their surprise,
they heard hoof steps,
That cold night.
He came down,
the chimney,
in a flash,
And as soon as he,
dusted off the ash,
he yelled Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas!
Tommy and Susie,
came downstairs with sleepy eyes.
Santa Claus they said with glee.
They both tried,
To sit on his knee.
Santa greeted them with
a great deal of cheer.
Then he said,
I got to get back,
to my reindeer.
I have a lot more houses to go,
don’t you know.
And with a wiggle of his nose,
up the chimney he goes.
Tommy and Susie then turned
to Mom and Dad.
Then Tommy said,
This is the best Christmas,
we’ve every had.

Once again, have a wonderful holiday people! And until next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Merry Christmas William. Blessed be!

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