The New Year is coming!

Like the title said, the new year is coming and I hope that it will be a good one for everyone. As for myself, my goals are fairly simple for the new year.
1. Stay healthy and keep the weight down. (Not easy to do, but with eating right, and achieving my walking goal of a minimum of 9 mikes a week, should do the trick.)
2. Keep my place clean and organized. (Not easy for a writer to do.(I have seen an image of Steven Kings writing quarters, so I don’t feel so bad! He he!))
3. Writing goals are pretty straight forward. Complete my sci-fi story, complete the how to book, work on the poetry chapbook, and last, but not certainly not least, is to post here on the blog, on a regular basis.
4. Anything else that comes up, then get it do it in a timely manner.
5. Do a very good job at work.
6. Do my share of reading and studying Tge writing market, and attend my critique group meetings on a regular basis. (This is where I also get ideas for stories.
7. Compete un next years Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. (Right now I am coming up with story ideas for Tge contest.)

That about sums it up for me regarding the new year. My next post will be on New Years Eve so look for that! So until then…William out!


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