Happy New Year everyone!

It is New Years Eve and I hope that everyone is having a wonderful, and safe time of it. Please be careful not to drink and drive, and if you see a friend who may be a bit tipsie, please look out for them and make sure they have a ride home. Cab fare is sure a lot less expensive than than getting arrested for DUI or worse.

New Years is a couple of hours away, and like many, I will be watching that ball drop in Times Square. Now like I said in the previous post I will attempt to achieve the writing goals that I have set out for myself. Namely getting that first draft done and attending my critique group meetings.

It is really import that I get that feedback from my fellow writers, so I can keep on improving as a writer. I am blessed to be associated with such a group of talented writers. The next Wellington group meeting will be held on January, 2nd 2014. I will try my best to be there.

Well this is my last post of 2013. It has been great writing to you guys this year. So one last time for this year. So until next time…William out!


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