Good Evening Everyone!

I hope that you guys had a wonderful and safe New Years celebration. And I hope that you guys are enduring the horrible winter weather up in the northern part of the USA and Canada. My thoughts go out to you guys who are surviving the cold and the snow. My friend and critique group leader Caryn reported on Facebook, on how bad the weather is in Maryland. I hope that she will be able to get back home to sunny South Florida safe and soon.

Speaking of my critique group, I was not able to attend my critique group meeting in Wellington Florida. This being due to the fact that I’m still not driving. But I’m working on that, as today I did some practice driving around the local area. My vision has improved in the left eye to the point of my being legal to drive. At least it is much better than the right, which is legally blind. So it comes down to the point where I’m learning to trust and adapt to the vision in the left eye. Which also has some blind spot as well. At least I can still write, and that is a huge blessing from the Good Lord. Thank you Jesus!

Speaking of writing my goals for tonight are pretty simple.
1. Post here on the blog.
2. Work on the “How To” book.
3. If I come up with more storyline ideas for the sci-fi novel then jot and incorporate them into the story.
4. Write some poetry for the poetry chapbook.
5. Come up with some children story ideas for the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest.
6. Learn more about Kindle direct publishing and Create Space.
7. Do some research

Now come to think about it, I have enough goals for the week much less one night. So I think I have it pretty well covered. So I better get to work on it! So until next time… William out!


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