Good Evening everyone!

I will start this writing session with a post to the blog here. First off I hope that everyone is having a wonderful evening. After a long day of immunotherapy, I’m enjoying the evening as well. I tried to write after I was infused with Benadryl, but couldn’t. I was just to happy and relaxed to write. But now I find myself in front of my iPad, which is screaming to me…Write! Write! Write you bastard!

And so here I am, sitting in my study, in front of my iPad, with hands at the ready, and a mind reaching into the depths of imagination, conjuring whatever idea, good, bad, ugly or just plain horrific . (After all I do dabble in writing horror stories.) it has been a fun session and once this post is done I will get right back to it.

Like I said in the last post I have been working on several projects. My sci-fi story for one. A Children’s story for another. And certainly last but nut in no way the least is the how to book. Throw in my work on the poetry chapbook and I’m a busy man. Well not so busy today due to the immunotherapy. But I do plan on doing some work after I am done here. I will do some research on the Writer’s Market as well.

I have been doing some reading about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Create Space as well. The more I learn about this industry, the better off I will be. That would be true for any writer. And speaking of which, I had better start to get cracking before fatigue starts to set in. (It’s been a real long day for me folks as I got up at 6:45 am to get ready to go to immunotherapy.) So until next time..William out!


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