Experimenting Is Usually A Good Thing…

Good evening fellow writers. I trust your evening is going well. Mine sure is! I want to give a shout out to my friend and fellow writer Lisa, who was kind enough to give me a ride to the Wellington Critique meeting today. She did not have to do that, but being the kind of person she is, she did it anyway and I want to thank her again.
Regarding the meeting itself, it was well attended by very talented writers and hosted by my friend Caryn. Everyone got to read including myself. And that brings me to the point of my title.

You see I have been experimenting with the “hook as in the inciting incident”. Sometimes the experiment turns out good. Other times not so good. In my case it was the latter. I received some tough love from my fellow writers and believe that is a very good thing.

Amongst the suggestions I received were… Don’t try to describe the characters in detail at the beginning. It disrupts the flow of the story. Besides I can introduce bits and pieces of the character details throughout the story.

As I recall another criticism was I switched points of view too much. At least I think that was mentioned. Sometimes it is difficult to remember what was said, but the point being is to try and stay in one characters point of view throughout the scene if possible. This way the reader is not jolted out of the scene. That is something a writer should not do. At least if you are going to change the point of view, then set it up so the reader will not be jolted.

A couple of other things was I strayed from writing action and dialogue sequences. Those are my main strengths. So as I said in the title of this post, experimenting can be a good thing so long as you keep in mind what is important. In my case it is sticking with writing good action and dialog for the inciting incident. After all that is what most inciting incidents are made up of is action and dialogue.

So as I said earlier in this post the meeting was great and I learned a lot today. And with that in mind I had better get back to my writing. I have a lot of changing to do. So until next time… William out!



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5 responses to “Experimenting Is Usually A Good Thing…

  1. Wow. I have never been in a critique’s circle before. Your experience sounds cool. But if you all read out your piece of work, won’t the group drag on and on? And would some people fail to read their piece, if any? (I’m just curious. 😛 )

    Sound interesting. Feedback is really vital, and experimenting is essential. If you stay in our comfort zone all the time, we would never improve. That’s what I think. Experimenting is worth the headaches. 🙂

    Great post.

    • Thanks Raven for the nice comment. Caryn is our group leader who organizes when a writer will read. We have people as soon as they come in, they sign the sign up sheet. It is from that sheet that Caryn picks people to read. These people are allotted 5 minutes to read. My friend Lisa is the time keeper and she will inform the writer when that 5 minutes is up. The we open the floor to suggestions for that writer. This usually lasts about 5 minutes and then Caryn, our group leader signals us it’s time to move on to the next Eritrea so they could read. It is an unique and very good experience.

      • Wow. It seems like a very organized system. How often do writers go? How many people usually show up at each reading? It sounds really interesting by the looks of it. I’m curious. 😛

      • Regarding how many show up, it does vary. At the last meeting we had about a dozen show up and most of them read their work. West Palm Beach is a seasonal town, and it is season right now so we have more writers read at both the Wellington and Boca Raton critique group meetings. Now I’m sure where you live Raven but I’m pretty sure that there may be some state wide writers organization, (I belong to the Florida writers Association), or if you live outside the U.S.A. then you could check whatever national writers association web site to see what critique groups may be near your area. And while you are at it, you may want to check out any writing groups that also offer advice on the business side of rioting. For me the Palm Beach County Writer’s Group fills the business side for writers. I hope this reply will help you out Raven as getting work critiqued is key to a writers sucess.

  2. I should correct myself by saying, I’m not sure where you live Raven. Sorry about that!

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