Good Afternoon fellow writers!

I hope that your afternoon is going well. I am having a wonderful afternoon myself. Just finished off half of a Russo’s small tuna sub. Russo’s is a small locally owned sub shop business located in suburban West Palm Beach area. They make really good subs. If you are in this area, on vacation, you may want to check them out!

Just thought I would let you guys know that my father is getting better each week. Today the therapist came in and made him stand up more. He has a bit of a hard time straightening himself up. But given some time it’s hoped that he will improve in this area. Knowing my dad, he will achieve that goal.

I have been reworking the “inciting incident” of my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. As of this posting I have rewritten close to 4000 words on the story since the last critique group meeting in Wellington, Florida. I seem to average about 5000 words a month and given the time constraints regarding the job and other things, I think that is not too bad.

I still need to research the Writer’s Markrt so I can submit to various markets and contests. It would be nice to get something going there. Since I have been working story, the “how to” project has seen the backburner. Don’t worry though. Ideas are being roasted on the backburner.

I thought AI would talk about the third plot point which is “Pinch Point One.” This plot point is firmly nestled between Plot point one and Plot Point two. Now you may want ask yourself, what dosed pinch point one do? Well other than move the story along, pinch point one gives the reader a hint of what the Antagonist is capable of doing. Which also gives the reader a glimpse as to how big the challenge may be for the protagonist.

In my story, I kind of blew through pinch point one, because I showed the antagonist’s capability directly instead of indirectly, which is how this plot point is normally shown. It’s like the protagonist comes on home only to find his or her pet cat dead and skewered to the front door by a 6 inch knife. Grisly, but it gets the point across about what the antognist’s just might do in the story. At least that is my definition of pinch point one.

Next week is my critique group meeting in Wellington and, with that in mind, I had better tend to my other writing duties. So until next time…William out!


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