Bad Weather Day!

I was going to go to the Wellington critique group meeting today, but my ride canceled due to adverse weather conditions. You see a strong cold front is going through the West Palm Beach area causing several tornado watches and warnings to be issued. So I agreed with my friend Lisa that we should not be out in this weather. Besides it gives me more time to write anyway.

I’,m going to meet with my new cataract surgeon, tomorrow. It will be a get to know each other session. She will be doing laser surgery on my left eye in order to get rid of some left over scar tissue from the cataract surgery I had done last year. One question I will certainly ask is how many times has she done this procedure? Another question I will ask is her training background. What degrees she has etc… A third question would be the cost. To tell you the truth, that last question is a mute point as I must have the surgery anyway. In any case it should be interesting.

Now on to writing. This month I have been working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I am working towards plot point two in the story. Now plot point two is the stage in the story where new information is revealed to the protagonist that would enable he, she or it to change from being reactive to proactive. A good example of this comes froms Star Wars where the message in R2D2 is displayed showing how to destroy the Death Star. At least Luke and the rebels now have a plan to act on. And that is what U am drawing up now.

It seems like whenever I reach that plateau of 6000 words or so, I hit the wall , so to speak, it’s just like the wall a runner hits while running a marathon. You have to have to tough it out and get through it, in order to finish. And thats what I plan on doing. So with that in mind I’m going to bid you guys farewell! So until next time…William out!


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