Hello there fellow writers!

I hope that your Friday evening is going well and that creative spirit is alive and kicking putting out great prose like no ones business… I have been busy researching the Writers Market looking up listings to submit to. I found a children’s writing site called, Childrenswriter.com. Basically they are a newsletter that discusses what is going on in the field of children’s writing. Every 6 months they have a writing contest with a different theme. Currently the grand prize is 500 dollars and publication in the Children’s Writer newsletter. I think the current contest runs until October. The current theme is seasonal poetry.

I have also been checking out the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site and so far no dice as to when that contest will start. As you guys know, that is one of my favorite contests to enter because of the wonderful opportunity it gives to unpublished writers such as myself.

Now I have not forgotten about the other projects that I have started. That is the “How to’ book”, the Sci-fi story and writing poetry for the poetry chapbook. It is that I am getting geared up for another shot at the Spoonful of Stories contest. I sure do hope it starts up again!

So I had better get cracking! So until next time…William out!


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