It is an early Saturday morning…

And I find myself in my bedroom with iPad in hand writing another post and enjoying every minute of it. I am still trying to find out when the next Cheerios Spoonful of Stories is going to start but still no dice. I am starting to get the feeling that the contest may not go on this year and that would be sad. This has happened in past years and I hope this will not be the case this year.

In any case I have been at work putting together some children’s stories for submission and I hope I will get the chance to do that! This has been where my focus has been, though I have not forgotten my other projects. I have been writing some poetry as well. Maybe I will submit those as well!

The idea of putting some my other projects on hold is so I can come back to them with a fresh eye and mind when I come back to them. Which is what I will do shortly. I want to thank you guys for reading my posts here. It gives meaning and purpose to what I do. Speaking of which…I must get back to my other writings…So until next time…William out!



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4 responses to “It is an early Saturday morning…

  1. Returning to projects with a fresh eye is great, unless you approach it the way I do and forget those projects exist until you’re trying to find something in a mess of documents.

    Here’s to enjoyable, productive writing.

  2. Yeah, most of my documents are either on my iPad or stored on laptop desktop where I have fairly easy access to. I also do some cloud storage as well. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I keep checking the Cheerios website as well. I hope they have the contest this year. Good luck with all your writing!

  4. Thanks Rachel! I hope they have the contest as well! If they do have it, then good luck to you!

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