Good Friday Evening Everyone!

I hope your evening is going well. Mine sure is. I have some news regarding Necone Ebooks 100 100 word story contest. They have now partnered with Lamplight Magazine. Regarding Necone Ebooks monthly 100 word contest. Lamplight’s Editor Jacob Haddon has joined the judging panel at Necone and will be judging future 100 word contests.

Now what will this mean for writers like me who are a part of the Necone community? It means if my submission either wins or gets honorable recognition, which I got last March, then the submission will be ipublished on Necone’s site, published in Necone’s year end anthology, and published in Lamplight Magazine. The idea is the writer will get more exposure for their work. Which is a good thing!

Still no news regarding the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. I hope they have it this year. As I mentioned before it is a wonderful opportunity for an unpublished writer to get their career in writing started. I have been writing some children’s stories just in case the Cheerios site goes live.

I have also been working on my other projects as well. The Necone contest being one of them! This months theme is, “What’s in your play list?” The idea is you pick a song as your inspiration for a 100 word horror story. So I will have fun with this! Speaking of fun I had better get back to my other projects. So until next time…William out!


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