Hello Fellow Writers!

Once again it is yours truly William here. I hope that your week is going well. Usually I post one week apart or when I have something to write about. I am posting a little early this week. Which is not a bad thing. Just finished watching the American Idol grand finale in which Caleb Johnson won. I had an idea that he would win. I am sure that Jenna Irene will do well as she is quite talented.

I have been checking the Cheerios site and so far no dice. But I will keep on checking to see if the site goes live. I have and will continue to write children’s stories so I can submit them when the contest starts. I will be submitting to Necone Ebooks for this months 100 word contest. The theme for May is…What’s in your playlist? I will get to work on that soon, I have been working on my sci-fi story as well. This leads to me to my next topic…

I found a good writing educational blog site called Storyfix.com. I was having a problem with my sci-fi story plot structure. This site helped me to understand the nature of my problem. There is good deal of information about plot structure. So I recommend you guys check it out and see what you think. Well it is time I get back to my other writing projects…So until next time…William out!



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3 responses to “Hello Fellow Writers!

  1. Kathy Van Trease

    Thanks for the info on the Cheerios web site. I’m glad to know I’m not an idiot because I could not get on to enter.

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