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Good Evening Everyone

Once again I will start off by saying I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe evening. I hope that your weekend will go well. And I hope that the USA is going to do well in the knock out rounds at the World Cup of Soccer. Go USA!

I have been working on my sci-fi story “Time after Time”. Yes I recently changed the title of the story to one that fits the story better. So far so good. I am still sad that the Cheerios contest won’t be held this year. 😦 Oh well…I will keep on researching and writing children’s stories. You never know. Cheerios may be back next year.

I got to get back and write poetry and get those poems ready for submission to various magazines and contests. When it comes to gaining inspiration for writing poems, I go right to The Writer’s Almanac by Garrison Keillor. Who has been posting to his blog and podcast for many years. Speaking of which I will go there now for more inspiration. So until next time…William out!


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Writing is Good For the Soul!

Actually re-blogging is also good for the soul. This is a change from what I usually post. The reason why I am doing this? Change. Change is good for the soul. It also makes my blog more unpredictable and fresh. I also hope that it will bring in new readers as well.

Another reason why I re-blogged Alayne Christian’s Sub Six Series post is not only does she have a great blog, but it is where I found out that the Cheerios contest is not going to be held this year. 😦 Oh well maybe next year. One thing is for sure. You can go to Alayne’s site and find information regarding submissions to various contests. Here is her site URL You can copy and paste this into your address bar.

On another note I have been busy with my sci-fi story. That is always fun. I changed the story title from “A Change in Time” to “Time After Time”. The new title more accurately reflects the storyline itself and so hence the title change. I knew I was having some difficulty writing the story and I think the new title will help things. Well it is time for me to move on so until next time…William out!

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Stating the Obvious

I agree! This is pretty obvious! Until next time…William out!

A is for

Stating the Obvious Stating the Obvious

Poets cry “life is fleeing!”
Well, no shit, Sherlock,
we already know
it doesn’t matter how long
we’ve got left
it’s what we do
where we go.


Well, it’s short. It’s sweet. It’s Friday, folks. Here’s to hoping that you made it to your weekend and that you’re facing some time off. If not, well, just keep trekking on and at least make it a little fun.

Well, here’s to hoping your night are long, your drinks are cold, and that Monday finds you roaring and ready to go.

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Good evening fellow writers!

I was searching the web for information about the Chheerios
Spoonful of Stories Contest which led me to fellow
Wordpress blogger Alayne Kay Christians site. Http:/ You will like the post. Unfortunately it looks like the Cheerios contest will not be held this year. I hope you will enjoy Alayne’s post. So until next time…William out!

Alayne Kay Christian

sub six series 2


Read more about the Sub Six Series: All About Submissions Here

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2014_01_03_18-53-56 (2)

Guest Post by Sylvia Liu

Contest and Other Submission Opportunities in 2014

Besides submitting work to agents and publishers, don’t forget to submit to contests, grants, or mentorship programs. These are great ways to get your work noticed and perhaps published, to improve your craft, or to help pay for your writing or illustration habit.

Here’s a list of contest and submission opportunities in 2014, for both children’s book writers and illustrators, with deadline dates ordered chronologically. When a range of dates are listed, applications are accepted only within that window. If a date is in parentheses, it is the date for last year’s contest because the new date has not been announced (but it is likely this year’s deadlines will be on a similar timeline). Click the links to find out application information.

A great resource: Be…

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It is D-Day today…

It is D-Day today. Let us pause for a moment and honor the memory of those brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy 70 years ago today. Some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. All of them made it possible for us to have what we have today. Let us remember them all for they are the definition of what being a hero is all about!

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