Writing is Good For the Soul!

Actually re-blogging is also good for the soul. This is a change from what I usually post. The reason why I am doing this? Change. Change is good for the soul. It also makes my blog more unpredictable and fresh. I also hope that it will bring in new readers as well.

Another reason why I re-blogged Alayne Christian’s Sub Six Series post is not only does she have a great blog, but it is where I found out that the Cheerios contest is not going to be held this year. 😦 Oh well maybe next year. One thing is for sure. You can go to Alayne’s site and find information regarding submissions to various contests. Here is her site URL http://www.alaynekayechristian.wordpress.com. You can copy and paste this into your address bar.

On another note I have been busy with my sci-fi story. That is always fun. I changed the story title from “A Change in Time” to “Time After Time”. The new title more accurately reflects the storyline itself and so hence the title change. I knew I was having some difficulty writing the story and I think the new title will help things. Well it is time for me to move on so until next time…William out!


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