Good Evening Everyone

Once again I will start off by saying I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe evening. I hope that your weekend will go well. And I hope that the USA is going to do well in the knock out rounds at the World Cup of Soccer. Go USA!

I have been working on my sci-fi story “Time after Time”. Yes I recently changed the title of the story to one that fits the story better. So far so good. I am still sad that the Cheerios contest won’t be held this year. 😦 Oh well…I will keep on researching and writing children’s stories. You never know. Cheerios may be back next year.

I got to get back and write poetry and get those poems ready for submission to various magazines and contests. When it comes to gaining inspiration for writing poems, I go right to The Writer’s Almanac by Garrison Keillor. Who has been posting to his blog and podcast for many years. Speaking of which I will go there now for more inspiration. So until next time…William out!


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