Hello SellowvWriters!

Good midday to you guys! I hope that yourTuesdayy is going well! Yesterday I finished Lee Chikd’s novel “Killing Floor”. At 536 pages the novel is quite sizeable. I highly recommend it, not for the entertainment  purposes, but for the educational purpose as well. 

By that I mean Lee Chikd is a master of mixing character details, setting detaiks, and describing object hair may be used,, all the while not disturbing the flow of the story. And do you kmow what is a nice feature of Kindle Direct Publishing?

If you’re near the end of a novel and you bookmark where you are at, Amazob will offer you a free sample (Chapter) of another novel thatphas been written by the current Author that you’re reading from. A nice marketing tool by Amazon.

I am studying “How To Weite a Novel’ by Nathan Nransford. So far so good. His book is rather unique in so far as it is not devided into chapters, but it is devided into “rules’. Each rule for the most part is fairly short. I same some of them because there are few that are longer. So far it seems to be agood oth novels and non-d book and I will be using that along with “Rock Your Plott” by Cathy Yardly. In fact I have several books whose topics are writing fiction and nob-fiction.

So I will will be busy on reading and studying side, using the pointers given in these books to help improve my writind. In fact I will go over Lee Child’s book to study how he introduced and described each charxter, described th setting and objects being used without slowing the Stort down. He used the Firdt person viewpoint (jack Reacher, the protagonist) throughout the story. In any case I will  practice what they used in my novel bad non- fiction book.

I started to do my my first draft 8 plot point outline last night. (I do a lot of my writing at night when it is quiet. I put together somer character details together as well. That will also be my goals for tonight, as well doing the story synopsis, doing more character details, brainstorming ang what not. You see I lost all of that  when I lost the app. Oh well thar Iis life in the big city. You keep on going on.

So I had enter keep on cracking on! So until next time…William out!


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