Good Afternoon Folks!

Good Afternoon Folks. 

I hope that yourTuesday afternoon is going well. 

Mine is. I have been reading “A Novel Idea” by Eddie JonesI’m about half way through the book, which is actually a guide on writing novels. I’m in thr section where the Author creates consequences for the lead. The guide is about 66 pages long. A bare bones type of guide suited for looking up things in case you need some thing to look up. You can download the book from for your reading pleasure. In fact that is what I have done with several Kindle edition books so that I can train myself. 

Now my writing goals for today is…

1. Post to this blog…(Being 

 done now.

2. Do some character details.

3. Brainstorm regarding the sci-fi novel and the How To B4. Write some poetry for the chapbook. 5. Check out Alayne Kaye Christians WordPress site to see the latest submission guidelines foe children’s writing contests. I’m glad that I found Alayne’s site again so I can submit more work. That would be really nice to start children’s stories again. In fact I will start on that tonightI think I will check Necone Ebooks as well to see what this month’s contest will be.

So on that note I will see you later! So until next time… William out!


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