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Hello SellowvWriters!

Good midday to you guys! I hope that yourTuesdayy is going well! Yesterday I finished Lee Chikd’s novel “Killing Floor”. At 536 pages the novel is quite sizeable. I highly recommend it, not for the entertainment  purposes, but for the educational purpose as well. 

By that I mean Lee Chikd is a master of mixing character details, setting detaiks, and describing object hair may be used,, all the while not disturbing the flow of the story. And do you kmow what is a nice feature of Kindle Direct Publishing?

If you’re near the end of a novel and you bookmark where you are at, Amazob will offer you a free sample (Chapter) of another novel thatphas been written by the current Author that you’re reading from. A nice marketing tool by Amazon.

I am studying “How To Weite a Novel’ by Nathan Nransford. So far so good. His book is rather unique in so far as it is not devided into chapters, but it is devided into “rules’. Each rule for the most part is fairly short. I same some of them because there are few that are longer. So far it seems to be agood oth novels and non-d book and I will be using that along with “Rock Your Plott” by Cathy Yardly. In fact I have several books whose topics are writing fiction and nob-fiction.

So I will will be busy on reading and studying side, using the pointers given in these books to help improve my writind. In fact I will go over Lee Child’s book to study how he introduced and described each charxter, described th setting and objects being used without slowing the Stort down. He used the Firdt person viewpoint (jack Reacher, the protagonist) throughout the story. In any case I will  practice what they used in my novel bad non- fiction book.

I started to do my my first draft 8 plot point outline last night. (I do a lot of my writing at night when it is quiet. I put together somer character details together as well. That will also be my goals for tonight, as well doing the story synopsis, doing more character details, brainstorming ang what not. You see I lost all of that  when I lost the app. Oh well thar Iis life in the big city. You keep on going on.

So I had enter keep on cracking on! So until next time…William out!


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Hello Fellow a writers!

I am sorry I’ve not written in a while. The reason being is I could not find the original app I was using to write my story Well no more! I found that app and I am writing again! Of course all the stuff I did before, is gone. But I don’t care. In writing  the writer does throw out a lot of stuff and I’m no different. The important thing I’d I’m writing again. Woohoo!

My family was good enough to get mr a kingle HD Fire for Christmas and I have been using ever since for entertainment and educational purposes. The Author Willian Bernhardt gas several good books of which Idownloaded 2 of them. They are…creating Character, Bringing Your Dtory To Kife and Perfecting Plot, Charting Thr Hero’s Journey.

Both are really good books and I highly recommend them. You can download  them yo your Kingle from Amazon. I also gotKee Chikd’s “killing Floor” from Amazon. That book is really good too! Lee Child is a very good Author.

So now that I am back in yje hunt again, I have doing character detail sheets, first draft outlinrs, story premises and work on my “how to” book. It feels great to be back in the saddle again.

I am not sure if the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories is going to be done this year. I hope it will be. It is fun to do and a great opportunity for an un published writer. I will check out Necon Ebooks tonight to see what is going on there. I will be looking up othrt things as well. So until next time…William out!

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Happy New Year !

I hope you guys had a great holiday! I sure did! I spent it at the house! The psst few dayscI have been reading Rik Frrny’s book “”Weiting Books For Fun, Fun, Fame and Fortune!” It basically is a “how to book” on how to write how to books.

It is a good read and I highly recommend it. It is a guideline on how to make these types of books while you are waiting for that big contract from thar big publisher. At least you could get some in ome coming in until that magical moment comes in!

I plan on using that book to make my own ” how to book”. That is the current plan now. That and the rehab I am undergoing to strengthen my LEDs. Never found out what caused the nerve damage p, but hopefully the rehab will fix things.

Please bear with me. If you find spelling errors. With my vision being the,way it is, I’m sure there are some. I have difficulty proof reading…Well I have to go now. So until next time … William out!

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I know this is sounding like a broken record…

But un until today I have not been writing. Tge issues have been the same, health bad work. I have worked in a while though I am still being paid. Not for long though. But that is ok.

The important thing thing is to figure out what is causing my chronic fatigue which caused me to fall twice last week. So I since my sister has a room I moved there so I could watched. Going to fet some tests done soon. Doctors suspect it might MS.

At least II hope to know what it I’d do hopefully it can be treated and I can go on with the next step in my life. I will write a little today, depending on my strength . In any case until next time…William…out!

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Good Evebing Everyone!

I hope you.guys are having a wonderful evening. The past couple of weeks have not been going well for me regarding my work and health. As a consequence I have not done much writing. With so many things going on stress wise, I find it difficult to be creative. Not to worry though, things will turn out for the better! So until next time…Ailkiam out!

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Good Evening people…

I hope that yourweek end will go well. My day is certainly doing better than yesterday as I spent a couple of hours in the emergency ward due to some dizziness I suffered at work. No worries though. I got checked out fine.

Issues at work have been on my mind and so the writing as a consequence has been minimal. It is what it is. I also have been dealing with some health issues as well. As they say…When it rains, it pours and it has been raining a lot lately.
But neither rain, hail, sleet or snow will stop me from writing this post! I sound like a mailman right? Well you got it! Sooner or later, no matter what happens I got to get back in the saddle again and do what I enjoy doing which is writing. And to that end I must go on…So until next time…William out!

P.S I am doing fine today. No worries!

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Independence Day

Good afternoon fellow writers! Today we celebrate our Independe. Today our country celebrates 238 years of democracy and freedom. We are the symbol to the rest of the world of what humankind can achieve if we put our minds hearts and souls to it.

Today we will celebrate with parades, backyard cookouts and, fireworks. Each will celebrate in our own way with our families. Or if not we will celebrate at work or where ever we may be. But here is the most important thing to celebrate…

We must celebrate those who are serving our country both here and in foreign lands. We celebrate our wounded warriors and those who committed the ultimate sacrifice. Remember Until next time…William out! these people. For without them there is no us. No freedom. No independence. No America as we know it. So please remember as we celebrate today!

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