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Hello there fellow writers!

I hope that your Friday evening is going well and that creative spirit is alive and kicking putting out great prose like no ones business… I have been busy researching the Writers Market looking up listings to submit to. I found a children’s writing site called, Childrenswriter.com. Basically they are a newsletter that discusses what is going on in the field of children’s writing. Every 6 months they have a writing contest with a different theme. Currently the grand prize is 500 dollars and publication in the Children’s Writer newsletter. I think the current contest runs until October. The current theme is seasonal poetry.

I have also been checking out the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site and so far no dice as to when that contest will start. As you guys know, that is one of my favorite contests to enter because of the wonderful opportunity it gives to unpublished writers such as myself.

Now I have not forgotten about the other projects that I have started. That is the “How to’ book”, the Sci-fi story and writing poetry for the poetry chapbook. It is that I am getting geared up for another shot at the Spoonful of Stories contest. I sure do hope it starts up again!

So I had better get cracking! So until next time…William out!


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Cheers Everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing well. I am doing Ok tonight. Been taking a breather from writing for the past couple of days. Doing some extra over time leads to a tired writer and so I rest

I am going to get some rest tonight as well because I have a date with the MRI machine tomorrow. Looking forward to that…Not! But it must be done! Wish me luck.

The Cheerios Spoonful of Stories is down. I can only guess that they are getting it ready for another contest. At least I hope so. There have been past years where they did not have the contest. I hope they have it this year.

Well I have to go now… So until next time…William out!.

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Good evening people!

Today is Friday July 18th and the time is 7:38 pm. I hope that you guys will have a wonderful weekend. I will be working it but at least I still have a job. And that is most definitely a good thing.

One of my goals for tonight’s writing session, along with the goal of posting here, is to submit another children’s story to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. All I have to do is spiff things up and then submit.

It is getting toward the end of the contest, (last day to submit is the 31st) so if I want to ubmit this story and one more, then I had better get cracking. That is after I am done here of course.

Now I have been working on my plot points for my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time”. Hopefully then I will be able to write the scenes I need to write from that outline. It has been a while since I did any writing to that project since I have been busy doing the Cheerios contest. And that has been fun I must say. I will be looking forward to doing the contest next year for sure!

So what else do I say now? I did mention some of the goals that I will be doing. The other goals will be creating some more poems for the Poetry Chapbook. I do have of goal of publishing that as well. I think I will be going the ebook route on that. This is after I learn more about Direct Kindle Publishing. Same thing goes for learning how to do Createspace as well. It seems to be the most economical way to get published. That would be the easy part. The hard part may be the marketing end. We will see about that!

Another goal of mine is to do some reading. Reading is just as important as writing. You get to learn more about the writing world and it just is simply good for the soul. So with that in mind. Until next time…William out!

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Good evening people…

I hope that your evening is going quite well. Mine sure is… I have been working on some children’s stories the past few weeks and today was/is no exception. I will be submitting another story tonight to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest and then work on my final children’s story as the end of the contest is coming up…July 31st. It has been fun submitting these stories.

Mow of course my other writer goals will be to post here, write at least 3 poems, o some work on my sci-fi novel and do some reading of Rik Feeneys book “Writing Books For Fun, Fame, and Fortune.” I have said in the past that this book by Mr. Feeney is quite good and people who are considering writing a non=fiction book, just to keep some money coming in before that big contract comes, should check the book out. After some of the techniques that are taught to put a non-fiction book together could be used for fiction books as well.

Yeah speakigood thating of which I have not worked on the Sc-Fi story in a while, but that is a thing tool At least I will come back to it with a fresh mind. Started to get a little fuzzy in the mind regarding that situation. So I took a little time off from that project. Writing can be fun, great or absolute hell depending on the situation. But I always feel like I accomplished something when I achieve my goals. And so with that in mind I will go on to my other writing goals now…So until next time… William out!

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Happy Fourth of July..

To all of my writer friends out there! I hope that you guys will have a wonderful and safe holiday. and I hope that amongst all the festivities that you will be able to get some writing done. At least what I plan to do,

As for me, my goal is to submit another children’s story to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest within the next 48 hours and then work on a third story and submit that within a week. I would like to submit at least one story a week until the contest ends on July 31st.

I will be working on my sci-fi story as well as writing more poems for the poetry chapbook. that is pretty much what I will be doing’

Back to the Fourth of July festivities, please, while you are either watching the fireworks, cooking on the grill, relaxing in the backyard by yourself or with friends, please remember those members of the armed services who gave the ultimate sacrifice and remember those who were wounded in battle defending our country. Without them, we would not be celebrating our freedom today.

Well, I have to now, so until next time…William out!

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Good evening people…

I hope that your Friday evening is going well. Mine certainly is! Especially after The heat won yesterday! It was a hell of a series and must give due resect to the San Antonio Spurs. They gave it everything they had. Hell they were within 20 seconds of winning the title in Game 6. Well the game is not over until the proverbial fat lady sings! Now I hope that the Dolphins will have a good season as well. I think they made some right moves during the off season. Time will tell.

Now on to other things. I attended the Boca Raton Critique Group meeting yesterday. And though the group was small the talent certainly was there. Author Jade Kerrion hosted and she did very well indeed. I got a chance to read my Cheerios Spoonful of Stories submission and it was well received. I was told not to change it. It was perfect the way it was. So that is what I did. I did not change anything and submitted it a short time ago.

That was one of my writing goals tonight along with posting here and working on my other projects. I must tell tell you that I had a lot of fun writing that story. I hope that it does very well. Hell isn’t that what every author feels> I hope so. My other goals are to work on my other children story submissions, work on my poetry,  work on my sci-fi story, do some research into upcoming contests, submit another 100 word story to Necon E-Books. In any case I am gong to keep myself busy. And so on that note, until next time…William out!

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Good evening people…

And as I write this post, Game 4 of the NBA Finals are being played and since I am a Heat fan, I will say Go Heat!!!!! Game 4 is going to be a, how would I say it, a gut check game for the Heat if they want to be NBA Champions again. All that work, a 66-16 regular season record which at one time there was a, and I may not be correct on this, 27 game winning streak, all that will be for naught if they don’t pull off winning the championship. So Go Heat!!!! And just as I finish this paragraph the Heat take the lead 27-24 with 48 seconds left in the first quarter. They were behind by as much as 8 points during the quarter.

Now on to my writing… I have been working hard on my children’s stories getting them ready to be submitted to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest, which by the way ends on July 31st. I haven’t been able to get them read by my critique groups but I hope that will change by next Thursday when we meet in Boca Raton. Then after that one way or another I will start to submit my work.  As of right now I feel very comfortable with a couple of stories and just today I finished a third one. One which I will be doing some re-writing after I’m done with this post.  As they say re-writing is also creating. So create I will!

I have also been working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time” this week as well using Scrivener. I must say that Scrivener is one hell of a writing program. In my opinion it’s a writers dream program. By the way if you want to check out their web site here is the address. Check the site out and see if you like it. I have been having fun with it and from what I hear these people are working to catch up the windows version of the software with the Mac  version. Use see Scrivener was originally written for the Mac. I like the fact that you can so easily organize you work into files on the program. That is a nice feature along with many others. So Google it and check it out. Well that is about all for now. I have to get back to doing my other writing projects. So as always, until next time…William out!

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