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Hello SellowvWriters!

Good midday to you guys! I hope that yourTuesdayy is going well! Yesterday I finished Lee Chikd’s novel “Killing Floor”. At 536 pages the novel is quite sizeable. I highly recommend it, not for the entertainment  purposes, but for the educational purpose as well. 

By that I mean Lee Chikd is a master of mixing character details, setting detaiks, and describing object hair may be used,, all the while not disturbing the flow of the story. And do you kmow what is a nice feature of Kindle Direct Publishing?

If you’re near the end of a novel and you bookmark where you are at, Amazob will offer you a free sample (Chapter) of another novel thatphas been written by the current Author that you’re reading from. A nice marketing tool by Amazon.

I am studying “How To Weite a Novel’ by Nathan Nransford. So far so good. His book is rather unique in so far as it is not devided into chapters, but it is devided into “rules’. Each rule for the most part is fairly short. I same some of them because there are few that are longer. So far it seems to be agood oth novels and non-d book and I will be using that along with “Rock Your Plott” by Cathy Yardly. In fact I have several books whose topics are writing fiction and nob-fiction.

So I will will be busy on reading and studying side, using the pointers given in these books to help improve my writind. In fact I will go over Lee Child’s book to study how he introduced and described each charxter, described th setting and objects being used without slowing the Stort down. He used the Firdt person viewpoint (jack Reacher, the protagonist) throughout the story. In any case I will  practice what they used in my novel bad non- fiction book.

I started to do my my first draft 8 plot point outline last night. (I do a lot of my writing at night when it is quiet. I put together somer character details together as well. That will also be my goals for tonight, as well doing the story synopsis, doing more character details, brainstorming ang what not. You see I lost all of that  when I lost the app. Oh well thar Iis life in the big city. You keep on going on.

So I had enter keep on cracking on! So until next time…William out!


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Hello fellow writers!

I hope that things are going well with you guys out there. It is now 5 more days until Christmas and I hope that you guys have most of your shopping done, and if not, then good luck to ya! I hope that all the parties you go to will be good and safe. Also make sure you drive safe. A lot of drunks out there and I would hate to lose any of you, especially at this time of year. Listening to the Madonna version of “Santa Baby” on Sunny 107.9. That’s the local station that is playing all Christmas music. It’s pretty good!

I’m on chapter 7 of my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I have had a good run of it during the past week or two, with ideas flowing out at a regular rate. So now I’m dreaming up other things that I could get my characters into more trouble. But that is the kind of author I am! If my characters are not in some kind of problem, then it would not be much of a story!

Speaking of stories I’m starting to write a list of children’s stories so that they will be ready to submit to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. That contest should start around a May timeframe next year. I look forward to that. And I better get off my horse and start researching the Writersmarket.com so I can start submitting my work elsewhere. So I had better get cracking Happy Holidays everyone! And so until next time…William out!

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Good evening people!

I hope that your day was a joyous one. Mine certainly was! I spent the past two days changing character profiles. I think I have mentioned this before. I changed my protagonists name from Tony Jacobs to Ward Jacobs. I think the new moniker is a better fit to the story than the old one. Now Mr. Jacobs hemmed and hawed about the change, but in the end he relented. Especially when I told him he had no choice in the matter. Besides his girlfriend Amy loves the name change. she says it’s more sexy. In any case it’s all good. Now Ward is all excited!

I am going to finish making the changes tonight and then do some writing and brainstorming. I also promised myself that I would create three new poems tonight and look at any upcoming writing contests that I may enter again. I checked out the Three Minute Fiction site and it looks like round 10 will be starting shortly. I will be definitely looking forward to that. Plus I would like to try my hand at writing some short fiction as well.

I have to admit to you guys that I am still trying to find the best way to put a novel together. It’s hard to say the least but it is very enjoyable. I not only keep a journal here about what I do, but I also keep hand written notes detailing where I’m at. This way I can keep things organized and not forget to tie up loose subplots and threads. Otherwise I would go bananas. And you guys would not want me to go bananas right? Sure you do!

So I’m trying the outline thing. What do you guys think about outlining? I think it is a good way to go. I am still being creative, but organized at the same time. You guys should see all the little paper notebooks, computers, IPads and what not just for the sole purpose of getting this project together. I’m glad that I have these tools though I wish that someone out there would come up with a better novel writing program for the IPad. Something like a ywriter app would be nice. An app that could organize everything from your character profiles to the numbered chapters of your book. That would be nice. If any of you guys see one let me know I would sure appreciate it!

I came up with some nice love poems yesterday and I said “Damn I got to write that down!”. And so I did. Now speaking of writing… I’m going to go for now so until next week. (Or who knows maybe earlier!)…William out!


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Thursday musings…

Good afternoon fellow writers. Right now I am getting ready to go to my critique group over in Wellington for a reading. I have been working on my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time.” So far I have written 3 chapters. Which is a first for me! I thought I would never get that far in my writing but I did! But the past few days I have been suffering from writers block so basically I have been trying to brainstorm my way out of it!

So far my brainstorming has come up with a few drops of rain but not much more. So i had been debating in my mind whether I have enough material for a novel length story or maybe a short story. Only time will tell I guess. I think it is a good idea to take a breather and then come back later with refreshed mind and tackle the project then.

One thing is for sure though! I will never stop writing. The only way I will stop is if it’s my last day here on Earth. And by the way I am communicating with you guys through my new IPad! I will use it from now on to do most of if not all of my writing. So far I have had a lot of fun with it.

So now I have to go to my critique group meeting. I will let you know haw that went. So until next time William out!

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Good evening…

It has been a while since I posted here. I have had some health issues and they are being resolved. So I am back to posting again. At the last critique meeting in Boca Raton Robert L. Bacon was the featured speaker. He will again be the featured speaker at the Wellington Critique group. He spoke about the publishing industry as a whole. His talk was very informative to the group of people that were there and I will be pleased to hear from him again this Thursday. Provided nothing happens in between.

After talking with me Mr. Bacon suggested that I would get “The Elements of Screenwriting” by Irwin R. Blacker. It is quite a good book. I find that most of the screenwriting elements can also be applied to novel writing as well. During this long writing journey of mine, I have tried several different things. Most of which went nowhere. Now I have a book that can provide me the roadmap to my novel from start to finish.

So right now I have been mostly reading and taking notes on Mr. Blacker’s book and somewhat scaled back on the writing. I do believe that this book will help me out in my writing and I will give thanks ro Mr. Bacon for suggesting I get the book. I know that it will help me out tremendously.

It is good to be back posting again. I will try to do so on a pretty regular basis. Regular being a relative term here. Well I have to go for now, so until next time…William out.

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Three Minute Fiction is about to launch…

Good news Three Minute Fiction is about to launch! I am soooo looking forward to competing again! In a post on the Three Minute Fiction Facebook page they named Luís Alberto Urrea to be the judge for round eight. It was also nice to see Kenya back and posting.

Urrea is an Mexican American poet, novelist and essayist.  He is the son of a Mexican father and an American mother. He attended the University of California, San Diego, earning an undergraduate degree in writing, and did his graduate studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He currently lives in Naperville Illinois with his family. He is a Professor of Creative Writing at of The University of Illinois at Chicago. A partial list of his awards are The Colorado Book Award in poetry for The Fever of Being, and the American Book Award for his memoir, Nobody’s Son, Notes From An American Life. Like I said this is only a partial list. You can get more on his bio over at Wikipedia, Luis Alberto Urrea.

Here is a quote from Urrea. It comes from the epic novel The Hummingbird’s Daughter.

“…There was nothing one could do when love came. It was fast, and it was strong, and if it were not good, then surely God would not have allowed it such power.”   — Luis Alberto Urrea.

I was not able to make my critique group meeting due to some personal reasons, the biggest being my cellphone went out on me. I do not like to make long trips in my car without communication. It would be just my luck something happens and I have no way to let anyone know about it. So I will meet with my co-horts at the next meeting in Wellington, Florida. I am sure I missed out on a good meeting. They are always quite good and informative.

I am still working on various different projects ranging from my sci-fi novel to working on stories that I will be posting to various different writing contests. One contest that will be coming up shortly is the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. That will happen during a March timeframe. I will be writing short stories and submitting them to various different magazines and or e-zines that I have an interest in.

All in all, I am going to be pretty busy the next few weeks and I will be posting about there in my blog! Speaking about being busy I had better get busy on those afforementioned projects! So until the next time…William out.

P.S. Sorry about some of the “tags” being misspelled. Though I do check thoroughly regarding spelling, I do wish that wordpress would have a spellchecker for doing the tags. He he! Oh well…See you people later!


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To all of my writer friends out there…

have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to those who do not celebrate the holiday may you have peace and good tidings as well. I am still working on my sci-fi novel. There is nothing new there. I am actually still working on my cast of characters and I am outlining the story line as of this writing. I am still reading Prudy Taylor Boards’ “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel”. It is quite helpful indeed.

I am still writing some poetry too. But my main focus is getting this sci-fi novel going. I have been saying to myself this over and over again  to get started on this and now the time has come to get the job done. Tonight I have had some writers block trying to nail down the major story goal. It has to with my protagonist overcoming a major obstacle in order to achieve the story goal. But then I have a major obstacle to overcome myself. That is tiredness.  But I have sequestered myself to get this done and once done I will get some sleep knowing that I accomplished something.

After all that is why all of us writers do what we do which is to accomplish things, to create things, to create enjoyment in our readers. That is what keeps me going, even through the rough spots, which right now is going on with me. So I have writers block tonight. One way to beat that is to post here on my blog. The funny thing is as I write here, my muse begins to wake up and so for now I am going to have to go before this idea leaves my head. So until next time William out, and once again to those who celebrate the holiday… Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and Peace to all of you out there!

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