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Early Tuesday Morning thoughts

First of all, I have to say, damn its’ early! But this isn’t unfamiliar territory for me since I stay up late night/early morning when I write. So hello my fellow readers and writers! I hope that things are going well for you guys out there! These past few days I have been rewriting my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. The main reason why I am doing this is because I felt the hook was not good enough. So I am making the hook stronger.

I wanted to give the begining of the story a more Tom Clancy/Sam Fisher/Ian Fleming/Jame Bond, type of style to it and so far it’s working out rather well. In chapter one page one I have my character fighting for his life against a individual who could easily kill him if this character isn’t careful. You may wonder how he gets out with a whole skin? Let’s put it this way…It will not be easy for him at all! And that is the way it should be if I want the reader to keep on reading!

This September 6th will be my first critique group meeting in about a month so I am looking very much forward to seeing my fellow writers in Wellington, Fla. I know that it will be a blast to listen to my friends latest efforts! I miss those meetings!

I have been submitting to Necone E-Books 100 word story contests as well! That is always fun! I just got the latest Writer’sMarket 2013 Deluxe Edition book and it looks to be the best yet. I will be organizing what markets to submit short sci-fi fiction to in the coming days as well. So I am going to be busy to say the least. Speaking of being busy I am going to go now. I have some writing to do! So until next time…William out!


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It is early Monday morning…

And I should be in bed by now. But no! Yours truly is up pounding away at the keyboard again! But don’t despair my fellow writers because it’s all good. Good morning to all you guys out there! I hope that you will have a wonderful day! As I said I have been writing this late evening/early morning. I am doing a bit of a rewrite regarding my sci fi story “A Change in Time”. Basically I read the beginning of the story after a bit of a break and found it wanting. I needed to write a better hook, I felt that the original beginning did not quite achieve that goal. So I am doing the rewrite. Probably one of many that I will do on this project.

Speaking of rewrites I listened to a very good podcast called Writing Challenges from the University of Warwick. Which is located in the U.K. David Morely is or was the Writing Director of the Warwick Writing Programme. I say was because the podcast has stopped broadcasting. But you guys may want to check it out on your Itunes University. I know that you will be glad you did. You see in the series of podcasts they offer there is a writing challenge on each individual episode. These challenges are all good and they will help you as a writer just like they have helped me.

Speaking of which I have to get back to my own writing challenges, which is to improve my hook on the reader. So until next time… William out!

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Sunday morning thoughts…

A very happy Sunday morning to all my writer friends out there! I hope that things are going well. This week I have been making major changes to the storyline regarding my sci fi story “A Change in Time”. I thought it would be best as I had some ideas that would not fit in with what I was writing before. I know that re-writes¬†are going to be a part of the game, so I had no problems hitting the delete button.¬† That is after I did the copy and paste routine! He he. Well you never know when what does not look that good to you now may become fabulous later on.

I have dedicated myself to a minimum goal of 2000 words per week insofar as writing “A Change in Time” is concerned. Like I said this a minimum goal and I hope to exceed it every week. We shall see how that goes as I like to spend part of the week brainstorming ideas then putting them on computer.

I have started to submit to the Necon E-Books contest. Which is a monthly contest where you submit 100 word stories to the website. Each month has a different theme/writing prompt and the story must be submitted by the end of each month in order to be considered. If you win for that month then your story gets placed in their year end anthology. Which is a nice feather in most anyone’s cap!

Not sure when Three Minute Fiction is going to start Round nine, but I will be there with baited breath and computer at the ready for when they start! I always have fun with that contest. It also shows me how much I have to learn when it comes to writing. But then I believe that you truly do not stop learning until the day we die. For if we stop learning, that is when we stop living.

So on to my other writing, may the next story idea be yours! Until next time…William out!


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